My New Protective Style...I think...

TREE BRAIDS--Hair weaving is weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair into existing natural hair.
They are also described as interlocking or hair integration. 

I went to the BSS and purchased "human hair". My money is really really really tight right now so I found some for 17.99. ( you need about two packs for a whole head)

This style took almost 2 hours to finish and I really liked the results. The lady that did my hair only braids so I went home to style. 

I put the curling iron on the hair and guess what? It wouldn't curl. The ends even melted slightly. You know what that means....IT WAS A SYNTHETIC BLEND (human/synthetic)
I didn't know what to do! My hair was just super straight and looked crazy. I tried some other methods to curl (curling with paper towels) that didn't

I went to the drugstore and found these rollers that were pretty comfortable to sleep in. I first wet them with the braid spray, rolled my hair, tied with a huge bonnet, went to sleep and woke up with some pretty curls. 

Granted, they are not perfect. The hair is awful! It sheds even when I look at it, but it will have to do for the next two weeks or so. This is the first time I've gotten braids in my life, so I'm pretty happy with them.

I want this style again because all of my hair is braided up in these little cornrows while she pulls the hair extensions through the braids. So...when I get a better grade of hair ($50 and up) I'm sure this style will be better! This could be a great summer style as well!


  1. Yeah girl you think they'd sale good human hair for 17.99? lol heck naw them people selling the hair aren't dumb enough to sale it that cheap. they'd rack that price pretty high like 90+.
    Yeah I hate super straight hair, especially with tree braids it like makes my forehead look HUGEEE!!!!

  2. @Sarah--You would think the weave queen would know better right? LOL I've never worn braids before so I naively thought that it would be okay...I think it was more wishful thinking because I was soooooooo broke! : )


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