I drive a city bus for a living when I'm not busy working on my television series so I get to see people from all walks of life...all day long. 

For those of you that reside in the Chicago area, you know that MICRO BRAIDS is the style of choice. Especially for the young ladies that reside in the inner city areas. Braids are a very popular style and can be helpful with stretching your relaxers and hiding your hair as a protective style.

If you wear braids a lot, check out these simple tips...

1. PLEASE WASH YOUR BRAIDS! If I can smell them, so can you! Stinky hair is not a good look and isn't good hygiene either. There are many ways that you can keep your hair and braids clean.

a. Dilute shampoo and water in a spray bottle and spray the mix over your hair. Afterwards, rinse in the shower and apply braid spray to the scalp or the moisturizer of choice. I like S-Curl and African Pride Braid Spray. (It has a really nice cooling effect on the scalp)
b. Cut the top half of a pair of old stockings and make a stocking cap. Place the cap over your head, get in the shower, and wet your hair. Afterwards, take shampoo and wash your hair through the cap. Rinse thoroughly. This method is really good to avoid fuzziness after washing. Especially for those Kinky Twist wearers. 

c. Co wash your braids! This is what I did today. I wet my hair thoroughly, doused Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner onto my hair, and rinsed out ten minutes later. This way, your scalp can remain clean, the conditioner gives the hair a nice scent, and you can get that much 
needed moisture to your hair!

d. Take Sea Breeze astringent and a few cotton balls, dipping them into the astringent. Take the cotton balls and clean your scalp. This also has a nice cooling effect on your scalp and leaves your hair smelling more fresh.

2. Stop letting those braiders braid those teeny tiny edges that you have left. Those three strands on the side of your head are practically screaming for freedom! IF you want to maintain your edges, leave them alone! Thin edges aren't really a good look!

3. Stop perming your hair right before you get braids.  I would suggest at least two weeks after a fresh relaxer before you braid the hair. The hair is already weak after a relaxer and putting braids on top of weak hair is just asking for trouble. I recommend doing a mild to strong protein treatment with products like Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor or the Aphogee Intensive Keratin Treatment before installing braids.

4. Remember to give your hair a break from braids every so often.  Don't get in the habit of getting braids, taking them down, and getting them right back. You can start to get weak and damaged hair from this process.

5. Remember to take care of your hair under your braids! And it will take care of you!


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