MSM Updates!

Oh MSM updates....

Yeah well, I did okay with them for the first few days but had some very vivid dreams. I really don't remember them but they were very "detailed". 

So I upped the dose to 2000mg from 1000mg and had these really weird headaches...they kept coming and going. So I lowered the dose and still had these headaches. 

I suffer from chronic headaches so I had to let this go. A few friends suggested that I stick it out a little more and keep taking it because it was worth it. I mean who couldn't use a longer anagen phase right?

I may try to reincorporate it in my regi later this summer. Maybe I'll drown myself in water or Vitamin C...or both...but I'll give it another go around.

For now, it is keeping my B12 and Vitamin E  company in my medicine cabinet.


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