Update on TREE BRAIDS!

 I got them redone over! If you are interested in getting this style, shoot me an email and I will email you the number of the wonderful lady that does this style for a very very very reasonable price!!!!!!  (ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN THE CHICAGOLAND/NW INDIANA AREA)

Make sure you mention this  blog!

I had a tough day with asthma but I promise you I will post the new pics in the morning! I used Milky Way hair at $49 a pack! Pricey but oh sooooooo worth the money for a piece of mind.  My hair looks awesome. This time I wore a part in my hair and I love the way it looks. 

Pics in less than 24 hours........


  1. What is the number email me nikkisimpson7@yahoo.com

  2. send me the information admin@samuelsolutions.com


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