Back On The Grind...

The growth aide grind that is.

With my recent disappointment, I've decided to apply MN and Bee Mine to my front and Megatek to the rest of my head. Since I started up a little under a week ago, my head has been itching like mad. 

While at work, I wanted to take this stupid bun I've been wearing down and just scratch! I apply MT sometimes 2x a day and apply my MN mix every other day. 

I'm hoping for a September miracle. I would like to be a little past Shoulder Length by then. I need an inch and a half for shoulder length and almost four inches for APL. We won't even talk about BSL for now. I'd need an additional four inches for that (for those that were curious lol).

SO in total, I need about ten inches to reach my hair goal. If I can get an inch a month with Megatek and Biotin, I can hit my goal next year...which wouldn't be so bad. If I only get the average, I wouldn't hit it until sometime in 2011.



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