I was in the Sucker aisle (the aisle next to the register as you're waiting to get rung up...)
at Walgreens when I came across these. I was curious, so I forked out another lousy ten bucks and brought this.

I have to say that I'm happy with the results. They are not tight AT ALL...and my daughter said I looked quite elegant.  (Even sitting in my PJ's LOL)

I'd highly recommend these hair clips because they do are a quick and easy hairstyle. They are so gentle, you can even sleep in these without worrying about pulling your hair.

My hair in a twist...
They came in a pack of two (black and light brown) and had a little instruction guide on some styling ideas. When my hair gets a little longer, these will definitely be a keeper. If your hair is 

Ponytail from the side...
Neck Length to Mid Back, these clips can be worn.


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