Flat Irons

I've been doing a lot of research on flat irons lately. Since I'm almost ten weeks into my stretch, my hair has gotten unmanageable. I haven't used any heat whatsoever, but as my hair grows longer, I hope to wear some nice wraps. Before I was just using my regular flat iron that you put on the stove.

This really isn't a great idea because the heat distribution is off, causing your hair to be straight in some areas and not so straight in others. Plus you risk burning your hair off. (Which I've done many times)

Sooooo....I went to www.folica.com where you can buy a lot of the hottest styling tools for a great price.

I looked at a Sedu, and a FHI platform. The Solia looks interesting but the CHI seems overrated. (I could be wrong)

So while wasting time at TJ Maxx yesterday, I came across the styling section where, wouldn't you know it.....they had a pink FHI and a Babyliss. For the amazing price of $24.99


I picked up the FHI instantly because its very popular and its...well...PINK! But upon further inspection, I noticed that it didn't have temperature settings while the Babyliss did.


I settled for the Babyliss but since my hair is in tree braids, I won't be able to test it out until I take them down next month.

I will definitely give you a review of the Babyliss and possibly go back and get the FHI (just for kicks).


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