Mena's in Lansing Illinois

I went here today because of my stupid underprocessed relaxer but I still wanted straight bouncy hair.

Two of my friends, that have long bouncy APL or longer, go here and they always come out looking picture perfect. 

I always envisioned the women that frequented this salon were all SL (shoulder length) or higher and all had healthy hair that was just drop dead gorgeous.

Boy was I wrong on that one. Maybe it was Neck Length Thursdays or something, but only one woman had SL hair. I was shocked and didn't feel so self conscious anymore. 

I relaxed and let them wash and condition me under the steam dryer...a treat my strands surely enjoyed. The night before, I did a protein treatment and sealed my ends with Profectiv Healthy Ends to be on the safe side.

If you are sensitive to heat, this procedure isn't for you. I am not so I could handle most of it. My hair did smell a little....fried, but nothing unbearable.

The end result was shiny, bouncy Neck Length hair. Was I happy with the service? Sure. Was I happy with my hair? Hell NO! I wished my hair was longer...but oh well.

Recommended but a little pricey. I was in and out in 1 hr. 30 minutes.


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