Natural VS. Relaxed

Why are you natural? Why do you relax? Why do you like "nappy" hair? Why do you use all those chemicals?

Relaxed VS. Natural....if you frequent any hair board, this will be a very touchy subject. I'm watching an episode of Tyra Banks where she is talking about, "What is Good Hair?"

I honestly don't know how to answer that question. Ask that question to most women and some of us think good hair=straight hair or manageable that is not "nappy/kinky".

I grew up using that terminology often. My friend Regina sports 3B 3C curly hair that I've always envied because it was so long, silky, and pretty.

I hated my 4a/b hair type and wondered why was I "cursed".

Today, that has changed a lot. Especially now that I know that "my hair type can't grow past the shoulders" is a myth.

I've seen some relaxed heads wrinkle their faces up at beautiful natural hair while naturals wrinkle their noses up at relaxed heads for using too many chemicals.


Learn to love YOUR hair type. Learn what works best for YOUR hair! And trust me, you WILL reap the rewards.


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