Jheri Curl Juice!

Okay, I admit it.

I got a Jheri curl back in 1988. I always wanted one and my mother finally caved in. Needless to say, the style was on its way out but hey, I had to take what I could get.

I wore the style for the next year and a half, somehow regretting that I got the curl. I ignored the ridicule and focused on what most people stated repeatedly..." Oooh your hair is gonna grow!"

I patiently waited for that to happen but all I got was ruined pillowcases. I don't remember if I got good growth.

Hair will grow no matter what the condition. The Jheri curl set the ideal state for African american hair because the hair is always moisturized and there is no direct heat involved (flat iron, etc.)

So with that being said...

S Curl is the best moisturizer HANDS DOWN!

I noticed that with my S curl, Cantu Leave In Breakage Cream, and my JBCO to seal it all in= a winning combination.

S Curl is a great moisturizer!


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