Underprocessed Relaxer? CORRECTED!

I foolishly relaxed my hair a few weeks ago when I was dead tired and in a rush to finish...which is a  no no! 

It should be no surprise that my relaxer came out horribly underprocessed. I had this nice texlaxed look that was fine but I like my "bonelaxed" hair.

So last night, I was extremely careful. I relaxed my hair (only the underprocessed parts) with Vitale Sensitive Scalp. It came out pretty straight with minimal burning. Afterwards, I did a Roux Porosity Conditioner, DC'ed with ORS, and added my Cantu Leave In Breakage Conditioner. 

I tied my hair in a loose pony and went to bed. 

I woke up today, flat ironed my hair with my Babyliss (It got very straight with ONE PASS!)

Added Megatek to the scalp only, moisturized with my ORS Olive Oil Lotion, sealed with my Jamaican Black Castor Oil, bunned, and tied with a scarf.

I noticed that I've been such a baby over the past few weeks. I was indeed angry that I went from past Shoulder Length back to a full Neck Length. I was so discouraged until I actually looked at my hair. 

It has gotten very thick, twice as thick since February. I wasn't using MT consistently, and I was doing stupid things like baggying incorrectly and flat ironing too much. 

So I'm starting to feel more comfortable about my hair journey and where I will end up in December. 

Hopefully a little closer to APL. It'd be a great Christmas present. 


  1. I have been using Mega-Tek recently too, good luck with your hair goal! I'm hoping for an inch a month as well


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