How To Talk To Your Hair Stylist

You know how some of them can be.

To some women, that license on the wall can be very intimidating.

But for women that are a little more savvy than others, there are times that you know more about your hair than they do.

I've run across these stylists many times...

They look at you like they don't know what the hell you're talking about and are somehow offended that you dare to ask them a question that they have no knowledge of.

When you ask them about certain techniques or procedures, they are instantly offended.

Finding a good hair stylist that listens to your needs and concerns are getting harder and harder. But don't fret.

Remember that its YOUR hair and you have every right to be concerned and ask plenty of questions.

You are paying YOUR money and you have the right to be informed about the practices of any hair stylist.

If any stylist ridicules you or makes you feel stupid for asking important questions, then leave. Do not spend your cash there! If you read this blog, then obviously hair care is important to you.

So treat it that way.


  1. I'm with you here.A hair stylist should consider it a privilege for me to be there in the first place b/c I do everything myself and obviously my hair is thriving. I'm thinking of having a professional do my relaxer b/c I'm doing a 6+ month stretch and I will definitely keep these tips in mind.


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