Reader's Question--

One reader wanted to know if it was okay to apply Megatek to your entire head or just scalp only..

Well Paola...that depends.

If you are using as a protein treatment/conditioner that you plan to rinse out, then apply to your entire head. Protein makes your hair strands stronger and more durable. If you have a relaxer, protein is very important.

Applying to scalp will give you growth, although many people have reported growth BOTH ways so you can't go wrong.

If the Megatek gives you headaches, I recommend diluting with oil (vatika, extra virgin olive oil, etc.)


  1. I was applying it to my scalp and I felt that it required too much of my time. I got lazy and I would just apply to the length of my hair and my hair really liked it this way. This is actually how I use megatek,I am taking a break with it though b/c I am big on castor oil right now.


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