Halley's Curls Review-Salon Relaxed

I purchased the Salon Relaxed in 14 inches and 16 inches with a matching large closure.

I will be frank. If you pay attention in the Hair game, Halley's is a company that has a slight reputation of bad customer service...especially if you frequent the hair boards.

But I can speak only for myself. I brought this hair on Tuesday and selected the 2 day shipping. I received my hair Wednesday afternoon at 1pm. So far, I love the customer service. I was promptly sent my tracking number, but the hair was already here before I had the chance to even track it down.

It is important that you protect your investment ladies when you are buying expensive hair. I

purchased Stop Fraying from Michael's Craft
store and an Acrylic Sealer to seal my closure with.

Just follow the steps and you will be fine. I will have this hair installed tomorrow so cross your fingers!

So far so good! I will keep you ladies posted on this hair.

My Salon Relaxed closure


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