My Journey with Silk Frontals and Lacefront Glue

Now I love my new Halley's Silk Closure. Not that I've been trying to, but I've fooled many people into thinking that I'm wearing hair that grew out of my head.

I glued down the very front of my Silk Closure using some Lacefront glue (cheap crap found at the BSS) and some Vapon tape. I use the Vapon tape first and add a little glue to the tape.

It is very important that you use scalp protectant for obvious reasons and it also makes the adhesive adhere longer.

In some cases, it has lifted a bit, but nothing too drastic. I normally cover the front of my head with my hair because I love the "swoop" bang over the eyes.

Could this be my first step into lacefront wigs? Could I really go ALL the way?

Stay tuned...


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