Vitale Super Reconstructor Conditioner Intensive Treatment

"Strengthen, moisturize, and repair damage hair while soothing your scalp and eliminating dandruff."

Apply conditioner for 12 minutes (Why 12?) as a corrective treatment.

Contains mineral oil for those that don't like this ingredient but has many moisturizing and strengthening properties.

I am using this in my hair right now... which feels really good on my scalp. I'm going to wash it out and apply my Hawaiian Silky 14 N 1 Miracle Worker as a leave in.


  1. I tried this and I hated the menthol. It made it seem like my scalp was burning. Does it leave your hair slippy? Was it easy to rinse out?

  2. I rinsed this out of my hair twice because it was a little thick but I think the key to this product is less is better.


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