Halley's Curls Review-Salon Relaxed Closure Update

Well ladies so far so good. I haven't experienced any problems with the closure. No balding or shedding. Actually this closure has taken quite a beating and I'm really glad that I sealed.

I am having problems with the adhesives because I'm really not experienced in that area. I've been alternating with two different types of glues and the vapon tape. The first glue was just some generic brand but I really didn't think it would hold up anyway. Trust me...it didn't.

Then I tried the Lacefront Extreme Hold from Salon Pro. So far so good but I don't think I'm applying it the correct way. I don't have a lot of patience and it isn't holding the way that it should.

Using a scalp protector is key to the glue adhering. If you don't have scalp protectant, then using the liquid bandaid from any drugstore will do the trick as well. This stuff will start to really irritate your skin if you continue the use of glue and tapes. It will start to burn badly which is why I stopped applying directly to my skin without the use of adhesive.


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