Sew In Time

Okay I've made an appointment for a new sew in on Thursday. The Halley's Salon Relaxed with closure is doing just fine! This hair is amazing. I don't think I could wear anything else. I get compliments EVERYWHERE I GO!


  1. Nice blog... Just wondering... I've been thinking about getting a closure but unsure of the install options... Do you know if you get the same results if use the adhesive or just sew it in? My edges are pretty thin and I'm trying to regrow them.

  2. Either or would work Kisha. It just depends on personal preference. I have mine sew in right now, but as it starts to grow out, the closure will start to "float" backwards and will have to be reinstalled.

    I liked the glue because it was very realistic but it takes some maintenance and getting used to. It was a learning experience but after trial and error, I have figured it out.


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