Which Day is Hair Day For You?

My hair day is Sundays. This is the day where I try out all my latest products, relish in delicious smelling shampoos and conditioners, and relax under my dryer as I let my deep conditioner do it's magic.

Since I'm wearing sew ins until the year 2010, I only wash 1x a week. When I'm wearing my natural hair, I cowashed on Wednesdays and did my full treatments on Sundays.

What day do you do your hair?


  1. I prefer Saturdays after I do my errands. That way if I mess up my hair, or something didn't work right I will still have Sunday to fix it. But I do the basics, wash and deep condition. Try out new things.

  2. i must ask... how do you wash your hair with a sew-in?? i am looking to start wearing sew-ins as a protective cuz my hair is ssssooooo damaged! I just dont understand how you can wash your hair with the braids in it...


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