Back on the MN Grind...

Okay so I just made SL...

I need APL like yesterday! So I decided to take these tubes of monistat that were sitting around my bathroom and mixed it with Jojoba oil. For those that remember, I tried using MN before but got mind numbing headaches from it.

So I decided instead of using it straight, I decided to mix it and got no headaches at all!!! Yay!!!!
Now hopefully I get some growth from it. I've seen pictures where some people have gotten one inch consistently.

We'll try it out and see...


  1. Do you mean Monistat for yeast infections??? In your hair? - Vanessa

  2. How funny! I did the same thing the other night. I have been researching mn for awhile. I just went ahead and mixed it up and put it in a applicator bottle. I mixed with castor oil and MT. I was using up the rest of my MT. How were your results with MN? I hope to get great results. I'll keep everyone posted! Look forward to your results.

  3. I'll keep you posted. I'm experimenting with a new mix.


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