My Plan For Longer Hair 2.0

Okay ladies. I've been energized and I feel really good about the progress my hair has made.

So I have developed a strategy that will get me to APL at least by next summer.

I need about five inches to get to APL. That will take me about almost a year. Phew....

1. Sew ins, protective styles, and tree braids until May 2010!!!! I will stay strict on this rule. Even if I have to donate blood, I will pay for my hair to get done....somehow...someway!!!

2. I had a bad experience with some sores from perming my hair. I keep coming up under processed sooooo....I will make an appointment for March 1st 2010. I will get my hair professionally relaxed AT THAT TIME AND NO TIME SOONER THAN THAT!!!!

3. After my half year mark, I SHOULD BE PAST SL!!!! In this time, I should have retained at least 3 inches of hair or more. (work with me here....).

4. After July 1st, I shall go back into protective styling until December. I should retain another 3 inches will should have me PAST APL and on my way to BSB! (Beyond Shoulder Blade).

This HAS TO WORK! I have to stick to this plan!!!!

or else...
Thanks for listening (reading)


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