November 1st 2009

Got my weave back in. This is my third install using Halleys Curl Salon Relaxed with closure and it still looks pretty good after fifteen weeks.

It has thinned out some but I didn't seal the wefts. I did seal the closure and that too is going really well. I made a fabulous choice when it came to Halley's Curls and I've never been happier with hair. This was truly a great investment.

I may try to install it for one last install and then I will repurchase. If I seal the wefts this time, I think I should get at least six-seven installs out of it.

My closure still looks good. It has thinned out in two different places but not noticeable. I am very pleased.

So I hope I can continue my hair to growing on the right track. It is so easy to grow your hair under a sew in weave because you can just...braid it and forget it. Rock totally fabulous hair for the next 5-6 weeks and keep it moving!


  1. Girl, where are the pics??!! Glad the HC worked out for your. ITA with you on the sew-ins... LUV them!!


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