Perm Sores : (

Ugh....not good.

To prevent these...

Base your scalp very well before putting a perm in your head.

Do not scratch your head with your fingernails, combs, etc. before getting your hair permed.

Do not wash your hair at least 48 hours before you get a perm.

Doing any of these things will ensure that your scalp will be instantly irritated as soon as that chemical hits your hair! You can get perm sores from this.

Perm sores normally heal on their own after a few days. Make sure you have WASHED all of the perm out and you have used neutralizing shampoo to remove any perm residue from your hair. This will prevent further irritation.

Aloe Vera gel. vitamin E, or Neosporin with pain reliever will assist in making these sores heal. If you have more redness and scalp irritation that persists after a few days, make an appointment to see a dermatologist right away. You may have done some permanent damage to your scalp.


  1. those burn scabs are NO FUN!! I dont normally base my scalp because somehow, some way, my roots/new growth wouldnt catch the relaxer :-/

    so here's Something i usually do...

    I would rinse as much of the perm out with lukewarm water for a few minutes, then wash once with the neutralizing shampoo that comes with a box or relaxer(rinse). After, i will wash my hair twice with a moisturizing shampoo(rinse). then return to the neutralizing shampoo (rinse). one more wash with the moisturizing shampoo (rinse) and use the balance of the neutralizing shampoo.

    this way i can ensure all of the relaxer is washed out. Next time i encounter a burn scab, I'll have to try the aloe vera gel.

  2. I'm scheduled for a touch up on Saturday and I've been trying soooooooooo hard to avoid scratching my scalp but I've slipped up so many times! I'm bound for a few :(

    Just going to have to make sure the stylist bases me VERY well.

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