Afroveda Anyone?

On LHCF, I've been reading a lot of good reviews about Afroveda products.

"AfroVeda created a system whereby you can select hair products based on your individual needs. Our which categorizes hair in the
following types:"

Vata Dosha: Hair that is thin, dry, frizzy and prone to split ends.
Pitta Dosha: Hair that is fine and prone to premature thinning or graying.
Kapha Dosha: Hair that is very thick and oily.

I am a VATA but that didn't stop me from ordering the CoCoLatte Moisture Mask and the Carrot Seed Shampoo bar.

Let me tell you...

I LOVE IT!!!! If you have dry hair and are looking for THE product to restore moisture, look no further than the Cocolatte! It smells DIVINE!!! My daughter uses it in her hair daily and I don't know what other product that keeps her hair looking, feeling, and smelling good.

I just used the Carrot Seed shampoo bar on my hair and it smells and feels so clean. That was my first time using a shampoo bar and I loved the experience. have a customer for life.

Readers, go on today to learn your Dosha type. That way you can buy products for your hair type. But don't let that stop you! I saw a lot of products that aren't necessarily for Vata's but I want in my PJ stash because they look so deliciously yummy!

Her products are very reasonable and you'll be in love just as I am right now! Now shipping takes a while longer because the products are made fresh. It is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

Afroveda gets 5 STARS for great customer service and great products.

Try it today! I guarantee, you'll be in love as well!


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