GVP Low EMF Hair Dryer Review-Sallys Beauty Supply

This Blowdryer was $29.99 at Sally's...on sale until 12/31/2009. I read somewhere that it was comparable to the CHI Rocket...as it states on the front cover.

So I ran down to Sallys to get my very own.

With the help of some Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat protectant, I pulled it right out of the box and decided to do a light blow dry.

The first picture is the way my hair looked before. I am texlaxed and washed my hair yesterday. I got a whole lotta curlies in between there and was having a hard time putting my hair in a simple ponytail holder.

I even broke one and sent it flying across the room, in the direction of my poor cat Diva.

Sorry kitty.
Anywho...these are my results afterwards after a very light blowdry. (I've exceeded my heat passes for the month of December)


*Very quiet
*The air that comes out isn't very forceful, but just enough to get the job done.
*Comes with a diffuser and concentrator
* The price
* Not very heavy


*I kept turning the dryer off by mistake because of how the switches are positioned.
*Doesn't come with a pik, but Conair sells one at Sally's that will fit this dryer for about $6 bucks.

I recommend this dryer to anyone that wants a great dryer but doesn't want to pay the price of the CHI rocket.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks!! I have had the rocket on my list for awhile. I'm gonna have to check this out.


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