Side Effects From Using MN in my Hair

I forgot to post this.....forgive me but it IS the holiday season.

I had to stop my MN concoction ASAP! I started getting low grade migraines, along with shooting pain down the side of my face.

Not to mention I thought I was hearing a weird noise in my house. It kept continuing until I realized....

IT WAS ME!!!!!!!!

Well my ears started ringing!!!! My MN mix is sitting on the counter and will never be used again. Some people have used MN without any side effects but if this sounds like you, don't ever put your health in jeopardy for a few inches of hair growth. If you have ANY side effects, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW.

I thought I share this with my readers.

Thanks! : )


  1. I've read these side effects before I started experimenting. Mine is not MN purely so I wonder if that makes a difference.


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