Looking for Hair Growth in 2010?

Just open your medicine cabinet and pull out the old treadmill.

No seriously. Hair vitamins and exercise are a great way to boost growth!

Vitamins for growth

Vitamin E
Beta Carotene

Now I'm not saying that you should go and buy all these vitamins at once. But find a good multivitamin and fit some exercise in your daily routine, and watch your hair do it's thing.

I must also inform you that if you already have a diet that gives you all of your dietary needs, your body will do nothing with the vitamins that you intake. What your body doesn't use, you'll just urinate it out.

That could be a total waste. Vitamins are not cheap you know.

A great way to tell if your body isn't getting all that it needs is to look at the condition of your nails. Are they brittle? Do they break easily?

I'm taking a one a day multivitamin and doing some exercise with my Wii Fit. Hopefully I can optimize my hair growth for this year. I want to be as close to BSB (beyond shoulder blade) as possible.


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