Ok Giving MN Another Shot

If you look at my November (?) pics and my recent progress pictures, you will see that I got a good inch of growth. Maybe a little more huh?

The only thing that I did different was use my MN mix for two weeks before my problem started. I put my mix away and got my tree braids with sew in.

Now from my friend on BHM stated that my mix was too potent. In some boxes, you get a tube that's 4% and a smaller tube that's 2% for external use.

I was informed that YOU NEVER MIX THE TWO TOGETHER because it brings down the potency of your mix. 4% + 2% =/= 6%

It equals 3%.

Second....you have to mix the MN with something else that has a thicker consistency like Megatek, ORS Hair Fertilizer, or other products. If you are getting side effects, it means your mixture is TOO strong.

Thanks BHM! I mixed my mix more consistently and so far so good with no headaches. We'll keep a close watch on it.


  1. Hope it works for you this time. I have castor or and MT in my mix and haven't had any headaches.


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