Random Hair Thoughts For The Month of January

.......Boy my hair is really, really, really kinky towards the middle of my hair. I am super underprocessed in that area and I noticed that I don't give it enough moisture. I have to remember to use extra moisture...

I picked up Suave Humectant at the store yesterday and did a co-wash on dry hair first, sat with a plastic cap on for ten minutes, and then rinsed thoroughly. My hair felt really moisturized.

My chest hurts from this stupid respiratory infection.

I wore my hair in a huge puff while I rocked a banana clip today. It was really really cute.

I relaxed my edges a few days ago...just because I was tired and they wouldn't listen to me when I told them to lie straight.

My cat was playing with my texlaxed curlies the other night. It was really cute....and strange.

I applied my MN mix today.....I made sure I mixed in a lot of Hot Six oil. Hopefully mixing with more product keeps the headaches away.

The End.


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