What Length Are You?

I just made CBL which is collarbone
length. It falls right at your collarbone and past the shoulder blade. Most people will call this full Shoulder length as well.

Well, looks like I'm a good three inches away from APL. If I make it there, that will the longest my hair has ever been in my life.

What length are you?

BTW using glycerin in my pre poo the other day was really a godsend. My hair is so soft and luxurious! I also followed up with an egg treatment. I mixed the egg with some Organic Root Stimulator conditioner, whipped it together, and poured it over my head.

I did forget for a moment to wash in LUKEWARM water and I wound up with scrambled eggs in the front of my hair. I had to shampoo my hair AGAIN! Lesson learned. I wanted to do a protein treatment because I haven't used a relaxer in quite some time. I have at least 3 inches of natural hair that is battling with texlaxed ends.

That is a battle that I don't want to lose again. If you are stretching for long amounts of time, you need to make sure that your line of demarcation stay STRONG! This is what led me to my setback last year around this time. The line of demarcation is where your natural hair meets your chemically treated hair. This line needs to remain strong or else this is where your hair will start to break first.


  1. I thought my hair was NL but a few of our fellow bloggers informed me that I was SL. People say that you should set a goal for yourself. I think APL is good enough for me...maybe. ;2D


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