My Indique Hair!

Close up view of the wefts.

Their excellent packaging. For some reason I thought the tubes would be larger....

Just a fun pic of my niece and my daughter in the back....

Well I just purchased the 18 inch straight machine wefted and bulk and a 16 inch machine wefted all straight.

Out of the bag, no shedding and barely there beards. Just what I'm looking for.

I plan on installing this hair in probably two more weeks. I'm going to try to hold on to my current install as long as I can. I'm wearing tree braids in the front and the sew in in the back.

This hair smells awesome....just freshly washed but slightly.....SLIGHTLY damp. This hair was sent next day air so I'm sure they had to wash it and ship it right away.

I can't wait to wear this hair. I'm going to try to preserve it better than I did my Halley's Curls.
I'm about to purchase some more of the Salon Relaxed and try a new brand called JuJu hair as well.

I'm working on building a serious weave stash for 2010. I don't know if I'm going to see my hair at all with these fabulous installs I'm going to be rocking this year!

Stay tuned...


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