Stupid Relaxed Ends!!!!!

I'm slowly losing the battle with my super duper relaxed ends.

While its giving me length, they are not in the greatest shape. Since they are the oldest part of my hair and have been permed over and over again into oblivion, they are snapping off.

I did a slight dusting of them the other day before putting my install back in. (Oh yeah I got my hair done...I'll post pics perhaps this week) My hair really didn't look like it got longer but it did get thicker.

I don't think I'll make APL in June now. It will probably happen around my birthday. I'm just going to keep weaving it up and cowashing. My scalp was in pretty good condition now that I cowash more often.

We'll see what happens.


  1. pardon my naivete, but what is cowashing?

  2. Instead of using shampoo, you use conditioner. Pour your fav moisturizing conditioner on your head. Wait five minutes and then rinse out. The purpose is not to clean the scalp (although some condtioners have cleansing properties) it is to build moisture in the hair.

  3. i know i'm ridiculously late but thanks! i've been seeing/hearing that a lot lately..


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