What To DO?

Well I took my hair down today because it was literally falling apart. I love my Indique hair so much but I need to purchase some more bulk hair for the front part where I get the tree braids.

So until then, I'm rocking my own hair. I've also been thinking about buying two lace front wigs and alternating between the two plus the Indique. I don't want to see my natural hair until I'm feasting on Thanksgiving turkey.

But for today...

I'm trying out Bantu knots for the first time. I'm too embarrassed to take a pic as to how they look right now. It's my first attempt but if they look semi decent, I may post a pic tomorrow morning.

On another note, I used my Sulu Max Gro for the first time. I've been using it on my daughter with phenomenal results so far.


She has a lot of new growth so far and her hair is just flourishing. And to think in February, she ran to me crying because her hair had broke off so badly. Right now, her regimen is cowash, moisturize with S curl, seal with Hot six oil or Jamaican Black Castor oil, use SULU and put in a phony pony.

IF I can get her to stick to this regimen, she should be shoulder length by the time she's helping me finish the turkey in November.

As I type right now, my hair is starting to itch since I put that Sulu in. Hmmm...we'll see.


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