Sulu Max Gro

Rocking the afro puff...
Okay. So I've been using this for about three weeks now in my hair. I purchased it for my daughter and she used it for a little while but stopped recently due to laziness.

So I picked up where she left off and started to use in my hair. So far so good. I can't really speak on growth because I haven't straightened my hair to see but the new growth that I have coming in is thick and wiry. I use it at least every other day.

SULU does have a smell that takes some getting used to. I try to apply it at night and then go over it with a great smelling leave in conditioner like my Neutrogena Leave In Cream.

My scalp feels a little sore which could indicate that I'm getting a growth spurt. I also started taking Biotin 1000mcg every day. Hey every inch counts, right?

The important thing to remember is that SULU is very messy. IF you get some on your neck because it's runny, it is important to wipe it off immediately with warm water and soap.

The sulfur in the product could start to irritate your skin. I learned this the hard way and went racing to the drugstore to get some cortisone cream. That did the trick, thankfully.

I just ordered some more Halley's Curls Salon Relaxed and I want some new AAMH (all about my hair) Kinky Curly hair to add to my stash.

Will post pics soon.


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