The Hairstyle Of My Dreams--Short Story

In my purse were my car keys, compact, broken tube of lipstick, and a picture of THE HAIRSTYLE OF MY DREAMS safely tucked away.

I studied the picture for hours; taking note of the cut, color, the striking pose of the model, even down to the makeup.

I imagined myself walking down the street rocking this hairstyle. Getting admirable stares from the men and the sound of sucking teeth from jealous women reverberated through my head.

The plan is set. I planned to stroll into that salon with THE HAIRSTYLE OF MY DREAMS in mind.

Then it dawned on me, “What if she doesn’t get it right?”

Of course she was going to get it right!! She's a hairstylist for goodness sakes. She had to get it right. Or all that training was going to a complete waste of time. Hers and mine.

With a confident look on her face, she took the picture out of my hand.

"Have a seat Miss Lady." she smiled.

No problem. I felt like I was handing over to her the keys of my life.

Take a deep breath....

I relaxed a little and enjoyed getting my hair shampooed and conditioned. It made me feel like a pampered queen. Lord knows I need to.

With squeaky clean hair, I sat in the chair and let the professional go to work.

I tried to see if she was giving me exactly what I was looking for. I tried to sit comfortable and relax but to no avail.

Finally when she stopped playing in my hair, taking the styling cape from around my shoulders, and twirled me around in the chair to face the mirror.

My heart stopped for a millisecond as I looked at my reflection.

Frown...quickly replaced with a plastic smile.

“Wow thank you.” The words purged out of my mouth, but it was too late. She saw the initial reaction.

“You know I’m not able to get it EXACTLY how you wanted it.”

I thought to myself, “Who the HELL is THAT woman and what the HELL did you do with ME?!?!”

Instead I nodded my head and shoved the money into her hands.

I rushed out of the salon and headed straight for the car so that no one could see THE MONSTROSITY on the top of my head.

I pulled down the visor on my car and began to fuss with it.

At home, I made a beeline for the bathroom mirror. I looked at THE MONSTROSITY on my head but doesn’t look too bad. Let me see....

I grabbed every hair clip, comb, brush, gel, and hairspray in my arsenal and got to work for a few minutes.

There...that’s much better. Not really sure what was missing from my hairstyle, but I made it work for ME.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I bounced from the bathroom mirror feeling beautiful again.

Maybe not like the diva in the picture but diva enough for me.


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