My Tammy Wig! New Half Wig Obsession

SO I'm going to half wigs right now for convenience and for the fact that I don't have any money to get my sew in done at the moment. SO I've been scouting beauty supplies for the Tammy wig to avoid going to online sites so I didn't have to pay for shipping plus the wait time.

I found a BSS that sells every wig in the world!

So I picked up Tammy and Marion Girl because they were curly wigs and they fit the texture of my texlaxed/natural hair. I haven't put a relaxer near my hair in months so I have a lot of crazy textures going on in my hair right now.

I love my half wigs though especially Tammy. She is buttery soft and blends effortlessly in my hair. Other curly products can be used to tame her because she can get pretty big on you. Conditioner works to make the curls in Tammy pop.

There are a least a million and one videos on Tammy that can be found on Youtube so you dont' have to take my word for it.


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