Sensationnel Half Wig HZ 7061

HZ 7061

I absolutely love this wig. Yes you have to tame it some because it will get all Diana Ross Diva on you. I tamed it with some straight bobby pins up top. Blending was a breeze with my Edge Control that I raved about earlier this month!

She has beautiful curls and will look even better once the curls drop some. Because of the type of curls this wig has, it will probably tangle faster so I recommend taking this wig off and not sleeping in her.

This is my first go around with Sensationnel half wigs. I have tried Outre (Tammy and NeNe) which are the most superior half wigs to date. I do own a Beverly Johnson wig that I purchased three weeks ago that is suprisingly holding up well. FreeTress, I would have to say ranks the worst. Even though there are some really pretty styles, it seems as if the curly Free Tress wigs will tangle quicker than any other brand. I've tried many half wigs in the Free Tress brand.

I currently had Marion Girl and Yasmine and these wigs tangled pretty badly where they didn't last two weeks.

If this one works out, I will be purchasing her again and again. I LOVE the curls on this wig and will post an update soon.

I'm really proud of myself that I have kept my half wig regimen up in lieu of my sew ins. Half wigs are pretty frigging neat! =)


  1. I love Sensationnel! My outre wigs seem to tangle the fastest for me (I have Keya & Sabina). She looks really cute on you!


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