So I haven't really been posting anything about hair because its been depressing me. Money is very tight and I don't have the means to take care of it the way I want to.

I did a protein treatment the other day and it seems that the breakage did come to a halt. My breakage problems are at the ends where the hair is texlaxed and thinner.

I did a 2 minute treatment yesterday and braided my hair up so that I can rock my half wigs. tired.


  1. Cheer up Supermodel! Life is good. Get some rest and know we all care about you here. Love your blog.

    BTW, be sure to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Go for a walk, go out with a good friend and relax.

  2. Hey sorry youre down and I know just how u feel have u tried using molasses as a hair breakage treatment? there are plenty of you tube videos on it and it works and saves money just a suggestion love your blog by the way.


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