Pics of my Hair--Straightenened....

Sigh...still not at APL yet.....but if I take a little tug...I'm about an inch away. I'm heading over to walmart for a personal MN challenge for the next few months along with some Biotin pills. I'm serious ya'll. With this illness that I'm getting over, I'm barely getting the nutrition in my diet for my body.

So I spent the morning of my off day straightening my hair. First I tried a pressing comb. I got some sleek results that lasted all of twenty minutes. So I pulled out my FHI Technique and got these results.

This is my ponytail. I feel like I've been stuck here for years but it has thickened up a bit. Will I ever make it past shoulder length land?


  1. Yes you will make it past SL!!! Does MN really work though??

    Perhaps a back shot would help too?

  2. Yes Mn really does work Smiling ELephant. How are you dear?


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