Why Natural? Why Now?

Why are Black women taking going natural more seriously than ever before?

Not really sure what the phenomenon is.

I know personally I haven't picked up a box of relaxer in months. I was originally texlaxed and was happy with that decision but I haven't touched the stuff in months.

I like my coils and curls to tell you the truth.

The thickness and versatility of my hair.

The Natural vs. Relaxed debate seems to be heating up as more and more black women around the world put down their perm brushes and reach for their denman brushes.

Now relaxed sisters still are the reigning majority and don't seem to be putting down their perms anytime soon.

Guess what.

It's quite all right.

While embracing our natural hair, we don't have to preach to others about their personal choices and decisions about their hair.

The way we wear our hair is a very personal decision and we should let everyone make that decision on their own.


  1. I got so much flack from friends about going natural, it is a personal preference!!! I am 13 months post relaxer and me HONESTLY I can say it is the best choice that I could have made. Now that my hair is healthy my friends are now starting to ask questions and wanting help in transitioning.


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