2 Weeks of my Biotin Challenge and...

Not much to report.

When I first starting taking Biotin well over a year ago, my scalp was throbbing from all the hair growth that I got.

This time? Not so much throbbing but my scalp seems to be doing something.

My hair is currently in braids and I haven't noticed any abnormal growth than the usual, although my nails are a pain because they keep growing and growing and growing.

People that know me know that I DO NOT need assistance with nail growth because they've always grown freakishly long for all of my life. My nails have grown upwards of 4-5 inches long.

(Yes I was called cat woman)

My complexion is starting to suffer a bit from the Biotin with a few bumps here and there so I've decided to scale back a bit to 500 mcgs instead of the 1000 I was taking.

Remember, taking a B complex vitamin or Vitamin C in addition to taking the Biotin will help clear any breakouts you may be having.

I'll keep you posted.


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