Arjuni--The Controversy

Owner Janice Wilson started a company aimed at empowering women and selling high end virgin hair extensions.

She offers a wide variety of textures from bone straight to kinky, retailing from $16 to $87 per ounce.

She also empowers women, rescuing them from human trafficking and prostitution by teaching them a new skill.

Her textures come in different lusters (Low; most desired, medium, high) and grades differing from 2A to 3D...and the latter being reserved for her most "loyal" customers who are apart of the Loyalty program.

In order to buy the most desired textures, you would have already spent a certain dollar amount with the company in order to rack up points.

I have not purchased any of this hair because the ordering process is just too complicated and the hair is expensive. But if you go to you tube, or Google images of the hair, you may be impressed with the quality.

Some would say that the hair is no different than the quality you could get with any other Chinese Vendor.


I frequent a hair board that is quite popular and very knowledgeable about weaves. It is where I learned how to take care of my hair and have been there for four years.

She recently contacted the owners of the board and threatened with LEGAL action that the name of her company be censored out of some of the  discussion, particularly the bad reviews. This is the same board that she used to test out her hair.

The girls on the hair board would post favorable and unfavorable views about Arjuni, the owner, and the hair in question...taking the good and the bad.

Now even RAVING reviews on this board can't even be mentioned because the owner had the name of her company censored.

Is this the proper manner in which a vendor/business owner should act? What are your thoughts?


  1. Arjuni hair is also available in Thailand for cheap. Try Personal-shopper-bangkok if you want to get info and it's easy to order on the online shop.

    1. Personal-shopper-bangkok. Com you ripped me off. I purchased your hair in good faith and what I got was pure garbage. You quoted me 240.00 us for arjuni type hair 9oz but instead you sent me about 3oz of aliexpress hair. You delete the messages everytime I would ask a question on your website about the hair I bought. Well guess what God don't like ugly and karma will bite you back!

  2. you are a rip off. i paid you my money $240.00 and you only sent 1/2 the hair. You need the send me the rest of my hair. I will go on the internet and youtube and tell everyone what a rip off your company is. i have real arjuni hair and i thought yours would be the same but all you did was lie.!!! I feel sory for people who will buy from you because you are a cheater.

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