March 2011 Progress of Puff

Should have picked it out more here....but whatevs....
Excuse the early morning sick face....

Well there you are puff.

I have been worried because I've lost a lot of weight recently due to illness that my hair progress would be affected. Not sure if it has affected the growth rate but I did stretch this morning and CONGRATULATIONS TO ME...


I'm not going to call it APL yet because one side is longer than the other and I need to see the back of my hair but yes.......I'm just about there!

I've been....

Cowashing my hair 1X a week
Braiding my hair up and wearing half wigs for 4-5 weeks at a time
Moisturizing with Cantu Shea butter

That's pretty much it. I did experience some slight breakage in the front where the front comb goes in my bang area....but overall I'm pretty happy with the progress.

What will a July update bring? Hopefully an inch past APL will be fine with me!



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