Lupus is Kicking my.....

You get the picture.

I'm so sorry about not being vigilant about this blog. I also do suicide counseling on the side as well as write scripts that I'm hoping to sell one day so that my child or at least her grandkids will be able to go to college.

After this lupus diagnosis, it's really been kicking my ASS. I'm very tired and don't have much time to do anything to hair that is.

On some days, getting in the shower is a task. I can barely raise my arms above my head.

So I've been just cowashing my hair and tying it back into a big afro puff...keeping it moisturized when I can. Today I got enough energy to braid it back so that I can rock my half wigs again.

I was really impressed with the growth that I got from hiding my hair and I hope with more cowashing and deep conditioning this time that I can retain some growth.

I keep a watchful eye on my hair thinning and falling out. Alopecia comes with this terrible disease. It's what scares me.....well I won't say the most because then I would sound incredibly vain but Ive worked so hard on this journey.....


I will keep you guys posted on my updates.

Thanks for understanding.


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