Still Hiding My Hair!

Honestly, I don't even want to see it.

Ever since the Lupus diagnosis, I've been scared of alopecia which could be a sign of Lupus flare. I blog about Lupus on my tumblr ( for those that are interested and a few of my friends that deal with Lupus and other autoimmune disorders have lost a great amount of their hair.

So honestly, I don't want to look at my hair. I did take it down yesterday to rebraid it. The braids that I had done previously were a little too bulky for my liking so I redid them smaller. I did notice a lot of shed hair in the comb but I started to panic and thought that maybe my hair was thinning.

Who knows. I may sound a little superficial for someone that is dealing with a very serious and chronic's just that I've worked so long and hard to get my hair this thick and long and to turn around to lose it all to Lupus.

It would be a shame.


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