7 Things About Me

1. I am natural although I secretly love looking at healthy relaxed heads all day long. It makes me want to go back relaxed so bad. Who knows, I may one day.

2. I love shampoo bars to wash my hair. Afroveda (www.afroveda.com) makes some great ones. They last long and are very easy to use. I get that clarified squeaky clean feeling.

3. Mizani Moisturefuze is my favorite conditioner to use. It leaves my hair very soft. A close runner up is my ORS Replenishing Pak. You really can't go wrong with that stuff.

4. A great prepoo??? ORS Replenshing Pak, Cholesterol, Honey, Olive Oil mixed together makes my hair so soft and so moisturized.

5. I'm in love with my new CHI Ionic iron that I found at TJ Maxx for really cheap. I love my curls but straight hair is great too.

6.Half Wigs are the best protective style (In My Opininon) hands down because you can take them off whenever you want and style your hair in LITERALLY less than a minute.

7. The best advice I have for anyone trying to grow their hair/make it healthy is to


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