Product Review Kiehls Deodorant--Best Deodorant Ever

Sorry this isn't a hair product but hell it's the summer time.

Summertime means tank tops, hot sun, and sweat.

Deodorant is a very important part of one's hygiene and during the summer months, it can be incredibly difficult to find something that works with your body chemistry.

I'm one that have to switch using different deodorants often because my body gets used to it. I'm not sure why that happens but I know I'm not alone in this.

So a friend of mine suggested Kiehls.

It was $14 at Saks Fifth Ave....incredibly expensive but she said it was worth the price.

So good. I'm impressed with the fact that I stayed odor free and dry for the past seventeen hours without reapplication. Even some clinical strength deodorants I've used was not able to accomplish this feat. I didn't even need to apply a lot like some of the brands I've used in drugstores.

I highly recommend this deodorant. Wishing you all a dry and odor free summer!



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