Birthdays and Hair Growth

Had another birthday, Lupus is still kicking my ass, much has changed in my life, you wouldn't believe.

On the hair tip, I'm maintaining slightly above APL. I've been very ill so keeping my hair in braids REALLY REALLY WORKS for me. I cowash A LOT in the shower. I've been promising to keep my braids moisturized to see a difference when I blow dry and flat iron my hair.

It seems to be working well, as long as I cowash on a regular basis.
As the weather turns cooler, I will turn to my half wigs and try to surprise myself on Valentine's day.
It will be nice to see how much growth I've gotten during this time. Lupus is attacking lots of things in my body but it hasn't messed with my hair.

A lot of women and men with Lupus lose handfuls of hair during a flare and I feel horrible for them.

I'll try to keep you guys posted!


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