Hair Myth: Cutting Your Ends Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Myth: Cutting your ends will make your hair grow faster.

This is entirely a myth. How can cutting the ends of your hair make your scalp tell your hair follicles to grow?

Trimming your ends will just give you.....healthy shorter hair. Not that its a bad thing, but it won't contribute to growth.


Girl A grows an inch. Goes to the stylist, he cuts off half an inch. Girl A is disappointed but is happy her hair has the "blunt" look and looks healthier. She comes back some time later and grows another half inch. Stylist takes off the same half inch. Girl A is disappointed but is wondering why her hair isn't gaining any length.

Some stylists are cutting too much than they should be. Also if you need your ends trimmed every time you go to the salon, you need a new regimen because your old one is not working honey. Keeping your ends off your shoulders, bunning, keeping your ends tucked away are styles that are going to work for you.


  1. True. However, a lot of women are afraid to cut off damaged ends and use this as an excuse.

    If your ends are damaged and breaking, you won't see progress either... so I guess it's a balancing act and knowing when you NEED a trim and when you don't.


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