I'm Sick! What To Do To My Hair?

Despite the lupus, which has almost taken over every conversation that I have on a daily basis, I am trying to take care of my hair again.

I've been cowashing with Suave mixed with some African's Best Hair Oil. Since most of my days are spent in bed, I wear a plastic cap, hair scarf, and a wool hat. I actually sleep this way, trying to relieve my very dry scalp.

So far, its paid off! The last time I flatironed my hair, I noticed a big difference in the moisture content in my hair. Where before my hair would be really frizzy at the ends, it's no longer doing that. My hair looks healthy and where Lupus had began to thin my hair on the right side, it's coming in very nicely.

For those women out there that work full time jobs and don't have time to fuss with their hair, or find themselves in a situation like me who are too ill to take care of your hair, I recommend a few suggestions.

1. Braids are your friend. Provided that you're not suffering from alopecia, I would highly recommend the use of wigs and half wigs to achieve a nice style. Senssational and Outre make wonderful half wigs. I just don't recommend that you wear them to sleep.

Braid your hair flatly underneath your half wig. Then add a stocking cap with just a small amount of leave out. Make sure that you condition and do a protein treatment (relaxed or natural) to the leave out portion of your hair. Since it is out, it will endure the most stress.

Then apply your half wig to your hair and there you go. Use Edge Control or your favorite pomade to make your hair blend. Use heating tools to a minimum.

2. Full wigs/Lacefronts can accomplish the same. Use the same steps above but since you're not leaving any hair out, make sure that you are wearing a stocking cap with none of your hair exposed.

3. Braids can also be a great low maintenance style as well. The only drawbacks is that they tend to get fuzzy after a little while and need to be reapplied. This is also more costly.

4. Cut it all off. Nothing more free than a low cut hairstyle. Especially for those of you that are relaxed and have been putting off going natural.

Getting healthier is the biggest priority that you can have, but that doesn't mean that your hair should have to suffer in the process. Take care of your health and your hair should benefit.


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